Lucrecia Dalt presents Pli

The Names

60 minsFirst aired 26 Nov 2018
Artwork by Aina Climent

Write your name across her heart: Lucrecia digs through decades of songs dedicated to “Aunt-Sara,” “Catalina,” “Julien” et al.

“My name is: Lucrecia Dalt. I’ve been also named Lucre, La Lucre, Luc, Lu, Cresh, Lucreeshia, Ruque, Lu-Chan, Lulucre, Lucas, Clemencia, and even Hortensia. But today I’m feeling more like: Catalina, Cheree, Saffronia, Laura, Georgel, Julien, Lena, Picasso, Amelia, Lucia, Aunt-Sara, Peaches, Ida, Aguirre, Nikki, Cindy, Abel. Oh please, enjoy this naming exuberance today with me. Yours, always yours: Lucrecia.”


Hosted, mixed and engineered by Lucrecia Dalt
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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