Portage Garage Sounds with Shigeto and Charles Trees

Duality/Detroit and Turtle Bugg

60 minsFirst aired 18 Jan 2019
Conor Anderson

The PGS team presents a driving set from a well-versed DJ along with a special live performance from Ian Fink and Marquis Johnson.

Portage Garage Sounds rounds out the week of daily broadcasts with the east coast transplant Turtle Bugg and a very special in-studio live performance from Duality/Detroit. Duality/Detroit is Ian Fink’s weekly live residency at Motor City Wine, where you can often find Marquis Johnson behind the drums. With Turtle Bugg’s keen taste and Duality/Detroit in the house, this is going to be an hour to remember.


Produced by Conor Anderson
Engineered by Veniece Session

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