Preset with Todd Osborn

Rare Detroit Electro

60 minsFirst aired 8 May 2019
Jeremy Deputat

Todd Osborn digs out rare electro 12”s and unheard tracks for our week-long celebration of Detroit ahead of Movement Festival.

Detroit’s annual Movement Festival is fast approaching, and in keeping with the festivity theme, Todd Osborn busts out a selection of his rarest Detroit electro. Now he’s sure that even if he puts out the absolutely rarest tunes he has on this mix, there’d still be a couple of people out there who’d heard them, so to solidify the ‘rare’ tag, there’s a good selection of never-heard-before, unreleased bits thrown in for good measure - maybe even a little something from the man himself. Okay, you get the picture, now on with the show. Get ready for an hour of the rarest Detroit electro tracks, in readiness for Detroit’s Movement Festival in the last week of May.

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