Preset with Todd Osborn

Detroit House and Techno Part 5

60 minsFirst aired 5 Jul 2018
Jeremy Deputat

The five-part series wraps up with one more deep dive, featuring music by Derrick May, Suburban Knight, Shake and UR.

Todd Osborn has been a passionate advocate of Detroit house and techno across three decades. Based in Ypsilanti, just 45 minutes from the Motor City, he’s well placed to cultivate an expertise on the sounds that have been the subject of four episodes of Preset thus far. The fifth and last of the Detroit house and techno series includes even more rare cuts, alternative mixes and forgotten records by famous Detroit favorites. You’ll find side projects from Drexciya’s James Stinson (Clarence G), Omar-S (Oasis) and Jay Denham (Fade to Black) alongside overlooked Blake Baxter, Kevin Saunderson and Dan Bell tunes. Round out your knowledge with one more helping of Detroit house and techno before your host dives into other niche sounds from the D.


Produced by Todd Osborn and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Franck Haderer

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