Preset with Todd Osborn

NYC 1977-1983

60 minsFirst aired 3 May 2018Next Preset with Todd Osborn Wed at 9:00am EDT
Artwork by Henrik Büren

Embrace the sharp edges and sharper ideas that flowed from NYC in this post-punk era, from Glenn Branca and ESG to Loose Joints and Konk.

If punk rock was about ripping things apart, the era of post-punk, roughly 1977-1983, found bands sewing the scraps together in odd, innovative ways. In New York City this meant rock music embracing funky dance beats, international influences and noise — lots of noise. With the Red Bull Music Festival New York taking over the city this month, the musical magi of Ypsilanti combs through this bountiful era of NYC history for its spiky peaks. Prepare to flail around to the nervous rhythms of ESG, Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras and even a Todd Osborn remix of a familiar Talking Heads anthem. Let the blistering sonics of no wave acts like DNA, Mars and James White & the Blacks scrape away any distractions from the outside world. And diggers shouldn’t miss rare cuts by Beth B & Scott B, Pulsallama and Mofungo.


Produced by Todd Osborn and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Franck Haderer

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