Preset with Todd Osborn

A Tresor Tribute

60 minsFirst aired 4 Oct 2018Next Preset with Todd Osborn Yesterday at 5:00am EDT
Ted Guerrero

Explore the legendary East Berlin label and nightclub that made the city a techno mecca.

Following last month’s spotlight on Basic Channel, Todd Osborn is back with a tribute to another iconic Berlin institution: Tresor. Since it first opened for business in 1991, in the subterranean bank vaults of a former department store, the venue and record label have operated as a pivotal nexus between the city and the global techno community. (It’s currently housed in East Berlin’s Kraftwerk Power Plant). Early releases from the Underground Resistance crew and Juan Atkins cemented a decades-spanning history of musical exchange between Berlin and Detroit, but the label’s 300-plus releases are from all over the globe, from Chilean composer Cristian Vogel to the Birmingham-based Downwards Records founders Karl O’Connor and Peter Sutton. “The label’s pretty prolific, so there’s only so much I can show you in an hour,” Osborn explains of the episode, which consists exclusively of Tresor releases and arrives just in time for Red Bull Music Academy’s 20th anniversary in the city. “So I’ll just try to pack in a few of my favorites.”


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Conor Anderson

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