Preset with Todd Osborn

UK Post-Punk, Part 1

60 minsFirst aired 5 Apr 2018Next Preset with Todd Osborn Yesterday at 5:00am EDT
Artwork by Henrik Büren

This two-part series examines the vast array of sounds encompassed by UK post-punk, including the Pop Group, Swell Maps and the Homosexuals.

With stripped down, scrappy songs and massive attitudes, punk rock ripped up the rules of what rock music should sound like. What UK artists and bands did in the aftermath of those most primitive days has proven to be even more compelling over time. With this month’s episode of Preset, your host Todd Osborn aims his musical microscope at this incredibly fertile period, roughly between 1978–81, for the first in a two-part series on British post-punk. And because post-punk is as much an era as a sound, you’ll hear everything from new wave funk courtesy of Pigbag, early pop-punk by the Undertones, and more experimental efforts by Scritti Politti. Diggers take note: This tightly crammed hour features obscure, eye-opening cuts by Lifetones, the Frantic Elevators, the Last Gang and many more that will catch even dedicated post-punk fans off guard.


Produced by Todd Osborn and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Tobias Jansen

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