Preset with Todd Osborn

UK Post-Punk Part 2

60 minsFirst aired 7 Jun 2018Next Preset with Todd Osborn Sat at 2:00am EDT
Artwork by Henrik Büren

Swell Maps, the Slits and the Fall: One more helping of post-punk with fan favorites and rare cuts selected by Ypsilanti’s resident expert.

The last of three Preset episodes showcasing post-punk takes us back to the UK where we started. Sonic scholar Todd Osborn pulls out still more amazing records that showcase the sneering humor, vicious riffs and experimental instincts that are synonymous with the genre. Alongside more familiar tunes from Wire, the Slits, and Joy Division you’ll hear wicked one-offs from Tom Lucy (AKA Wasted Youth), the Flys, and Spizz Energi. Let’s rip it up and start again one more time.


Produced by Todd Osborn and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Franck Haderer

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