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Reggaeton: Hasta Abajo

420 minsFirst aired 19 May 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Mario Ayala

At La Marina, the iconic reggaeton collective The Noise reunite for one night only to celebrate the high-octane Latinx sound, live at Red Bull Music Festival New York.


6PM - Riobamba
8:00PM - Ivy Queen
8:30PM - Ivy Queen + The Noise
8:45PM - The Noise
9:30PM - DJ Lobo
10:30PM - Rosa Pistola
11:30PM - Riobamba

In celebration of reggaeton – the confluence of dancehall, hip-hop and reggae en español – Red Bull Music Festival New York reunites early pioneers of the sound, the Noise. Founded in early ’90s San Juan, the Noise is a collective of DJs, rappers and producers: DJ Nelson, DJ Negro, Alberto Stylee, Ranking Stone and Micol Super Star. They will take over La Marina, for one night only, with support from Rosa Pistola, Riobamba, DJ Lobo and more.


Host: Eddie Cepeda
Co-host: Sucio Smash aka Suce (A Party Called Rosie Perez, High Water Music)

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