Pakistan - January 2017

60 minsRecorded 11 Jan 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

Tollcrane takes us on a trip down memory lane with Forever South ahead of the series’ next installment dropping later this month.

Constraints often facilitate the creation of great art, so it’s no wonder that Tollcrane has flourished despite less-than-hospitable circumstances. The Karachi native born Talha Asim Wynne lost a key resource when the Pakistani authorities banned YouTube, the source of his music-production tutorials. But that hasn’t held him back in his quest to craft his own unique style of electronic music, one that’s both deeply intuitive and, often, deliciously wrong. Early on, he played psych rock in //orangenoise, and a similar quest for the outer limits informs Tollcrane’s solo work, which draws a wavy line through Moodymann, Sun Electric, Actress, patten and other margin-walking producers.