Sónar Sessions


50 minsRecorded 1 Jun 2013 at Sónar in BarcelonaThis episode is unavailable. Why?

LA’s NON Projects mastermind Anenon coaxes out his signature cinematic tension of his sax and his machines. Recorded live at Sónar 2013.

Despite a childhood steeped in music, Brian Simon AKA Anenon only began to appreciate his dad’s records after he developed an obsession with hip-hop in his teens and went to college to study music. After an intense love affair with the saxophone, an internship at seminal LA label Alpha Pup, and a journey through music history and theory at UCLA, Brian landed at the foot of his own label Non Projects - inspired by the electronic sounds of his friends. He’s no slouch in the studio himself either, and as Anenon has seen a split EP and remixes pop up on labels like Non Projects and the aforementioned Alpha Pup. Taking his inspiration from the environment around him as much as the sounds in his own head, Brian can coax an eerie cinematic tension from almost anything. Anenon for aeons.

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