Sónar Sessions

Big Menu & friends at SonarDôme

52 minsRecorded 16 Jun 2018 at Sonar in BarcelonaNext Sónar Sessions Sun at 1:00am EDT
Samuel Smelty

The hip-hop band presents a showcase on Spanish rap with friends and collaborators.

The power trio Big Menu, comprised of Enric Peinado, Pedro Campos and Jose Benítez, has been instrumental, in more ways than one, in putting Spanish hip-hop on the map. Through the incorporation of live instruments, their take on the global genre seamlessly melds jazzy guitars and smooth bass lines over a gritty yet playful flow. His focus on hip-hop - drawing on diverse influences from soul, jazz and funk to electronica - has marked him out as one of the most unique and versatile voices working in modern music. During his performance at SonarDôme the Barcelona based musician is joined by a number of hip-hop luminaries such as Dano, Escandaloso Xpósito, Kyne, Juli Giuliani and Killtime.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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