Sónar Sessions

DJ Earl and Nick Hook at SonarDôme

63 minsRecorded 16 Jun 2018 at Sonar in Barcelona
Samuel Smelty

The Teklife vet and the producer extraordinaire join forces as 50 Backwoods, combining footwork sensibilities with synth wizardry.

Released on Fool’s Gold Records in late 2017, the 50 Backwoods project is DJ Earl’s electronic footwork blended with Nick Hook’s digital and analog synth mastery. Both artists are kindred spirits of the late DJ Rashad, whose legacy looms over the collaboration. The pair started to exchange demos – including songs featuring Earl’s vocals, for the very first time – and over just one week of recording they cobbled together a genre-bending album and live show, drawing from footwork, dancehall, hip-hop and more to create a free-spirited, deeply visceral and experimental sound.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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