Sónar Sessions


72 mins|Recorded 1 Jun 2013Next Sónar Sessions Sat at 11:00am EDT

Moscow’s DZA with a gleeful mix of heavyweight beats and genre-defying quick-hitters. Live at SonarDôme 2013.

Sasha DZA is the Muscovite behind the How2make crew, a group that has taken its love for experimental sounds and bass bins to create something very much their own. After DZA’s time at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2010, his music was picked up by forward-thinking imprints like Error Broadcast and Black Acre, allowing him to take his electrofied take on bass music even further afield. Inspired by video game music, U.S. Maple and Steve Reich in equal measure, DZA’s tunes are gleeful, genre-non-specific quick-hitters. If there’s one thing that you will notice throughout DZA’s discography, though, it’s the clutch of tropical melodies that no doubt sound right at home anywhere between his heavy beats and weightless ambience.

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