Sónar Sessions


Live Set
51 minsFirst aired 2 Jul 2016
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Madrid’s multi-instrumentalist finds the common ground between wave, disco and dreamy Balearic anthems for the dancefloor at Sónar By Day.

JackWasFaster is the name chosen by Madrid-based producer Manuel Cachero (guitar, synth and electronics of Spanish well known indie-electronic band Fira Fem) for his solo project. His tracks and remixes search for the common ground between synth driven electronics, dark disco, dreamy post rock, obscure balearic, raw house or Weatherall´s post punk vibes. His first remixes (Fira Fem, Role, Nimio) got him to be part of Madrid 2015 edition of RedBull Music Academy Bass Camp. After that, he starts releasing for labels like Envy, Bucketround or Voyeur Music and his main home, Rotten City, ruled by Álvaro Cabana. His hardware-based live set is his main weapon, receiving great reviews after playing at festivals like ArteNou and VillaManuela and big clubs like Mondo, Razzmatazz or Siroco.

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