Sónar Sessions

King Doudou at SonarVillage

69 minsRecorded 14 Jun 2018 at Sonar in Barcelona
Ariel Martini

France’s foremost dancehall, bass and latin music connoisseur performs at the festival’s 25th anniversary on its biggest stage.

A fan of rap and reggae music, French DJ and producer Hugo Douster has always looked for the mutations those styles gave birth to, mixing themselves with traditional rhythms all around the world. As King Doudou he connects the dots between Latino-American dembow, Southern US rap or Brazilian baile funk for releases on labels such as Enchufada, Man Recordings or Mixpak. Performing at Sónar’s 25th anniversary, King Doudou ties link between the mainstream and the underground, Europe and America, old school and the avant-guard.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Roland Dill

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