Sónar Sessions

Matmos at SonarDôme

41 minsRecorded 17 Jun 2017 at SonarDôme in Barcelona, SpainThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Sam Smelty

Set the program to spin: the electronic legends tumble dry our heads with their newest member, the Whirlpool. Recorded live in Barcelona.

Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt are a pair of musicians that effortlessly manage to combine style, substance, and concept with every album they make. On planet Matmos, musique concrète pioneer Pierre Boulez could jam with Arkestra free sax legend Marshall Allen, while Icelandic siren of the strange Björk narrates passages from Burroughs over the sound of clattering crustaceans. Rising to infamy after their surgical-operation-sampling LP A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure, the American duo went on to work with Björk on two albums and world tours, while also releasing LPs on Matador that stretch the boundaries of an already-rubbery genre. The pair operate with a musical logic that is as unpredictable as it is airtight, and in 2016 they released their album Ultimate Care II on Thrill Jockey, completely composed of sounds recorded from a washing machine.

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