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46 minsFirst aired 2 Jul 2016
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German producer and Academy grad Silkersoft fires up his video game beats and widescreen soundscapes in Barcelona.

The video game Chrono Trigger changed Silkersoft’s life, and you can hear it – and the influence of other video game composers like Yasunori Mitsuda – in his music. (His mom once said that listening to his music gave her flashbacks of seeing him in front of an N64.) The Gronau-based producer composes everything on his PC, and there’s a sheen that makes his tracks glide and twinkle. It sounds like something from another planet, but it has a crucial human touch as well. And while his self-professed “killer black metal growl” hasn’t made it into his tracks yet, we’re betting he’ll find a way to make it a part of his imaginary soundtracks soon.

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