Sónar Sessions


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02 July 2016

Catalonia’s roving producer and synth expert Talktome comes through with a selection of new material for the home crowd at Sónar.

TALKTOME is the third musical identity of Kalet Rodríguez, DJ and producer from Catalonia, after a long musical journey. His first EP for the well-known BCN label Factor City was released at the end of 2014, with heavy influences from his Middle East trips. In the last year, TALKTOME has been focused in the production of new material with collabs from different singers, and preparing a new live show that will be unveiled at SónarDôme. Synthpop, funk or house influences are part of this new project, with a liquid kind of sound, created from out of tune synths in motion. TALKTOME was a participant at RBMA Bass Camp Madrid 2015.