Sound Obsession

Downtown New York

120 minsFirst aired 15 May 2018
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Kirk Degiorgio uncovers the NYC’s pioneering downtown scene, featuring music from Laurie Anderson, Tom Tom Club and Rammellzee.

The incredible downtown New York scene of the mid-’70s to mid-’80s was a pioneering and forward-looking community that included artists, writers and filmmakers alongside musicians. In those fertile years where punk, funk, dub, disco and all kinds of DIY electronics came together, musicians provided the soundtrack to installations, exhibitions and performance-art pieces in all manner of derelict and abandoned spaces (in spite of city bankruptcy, mass unemployment and dwindling services). Inspired by the city for the city, these two hours are the sounds of the urban landscape reflecting back on itself, as Kirk selects music from Laurie Anderson, Tom Tom Club, Material, ESG, Rammellzee, Bush Tetras, Yoko Ono, Talking Heads and Arthur Russell.

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