Sound Obsession

Electronic Music Pt. 2

120 minsFirst aired 15 Feb 2019
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Two more hours of exploring the wide world of early electronic music across the board. Featuring Harmonia, Terry Riley, and Zanov.

For this edition of Sound Obsession, we delve into part two of a collection of Kirk Degiorgio’s personal favorites from the wide world of electronic music. This selection covers music from between 1975-1984, and we investigate the unassuming and quiet West German countryside, which at that time was making a revolutionary noise. Moebius and Roedelius of Cluster, and Michael Rother of Neu! collaborated as Harmonia and built a studio in the rural village of Forst, where the three musicians incorporated electronics into the rock canon in innovative ways over two albums. The trio culminated with an extended visit from another influential maverick Brian Eno in the summer of 1976, with several of the recordings finding the light of day decades later on the LP Tracks & Traces. We also visit sounds from original minimalist and compositional guru Terry Riley as well as Innovative Communication founder Klaus Schulze, and several other below-the-radar experimentalists such as Jocy De Oliveira, Magnetic System, and Zanov. Plug into the patch bays of your mind.

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