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Innovative Communication

120 minsFirst aired 17 Sep 2016Next Sound Obsession Tomorrow at 9:00am EST

Kirk Degiorgio puts your musical heroes’ discographies to the acid test. A two-hour special on Berlin’s Innovative Communication label.

Innovative Communication was a label, an audio and video studio, and synthesizer school started by Klaus Schulze in 1979. After several solo successful albums and tours, Schulze developed Innovative Communication as a means to help young musicians, and from the start, the company aimed to redefine convention and exploring the emerging electronic music. As such it became an outlet for many groundbreaking artists and albums, tackling all manner of astrological and philosophical themes, and helping shape the worlds of electro, ambient, techno and experimental music in the process. Several artists made only a couple of records before disappearing, like Australian group Peak or Italian pianist Baffo Banfi, while others, like ambient new age duo Software went on to release several quietly-inspirational albums. Schulze himself released several influential records under both his own name and his alias Richard Wahnfried. Regardless, IC acted as an umbrella for advanced musical ideas, and was also one of the very first to produce video clips to accompany pieces of music. Balancing the thin line between books and artistry can have its pitfalls, and the story of Innovative Communication is equally one of successes and near-bankruptcy. But for the body of incomparable music, Schulze and the IC team can stand tall.

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