Sound Obsession

Todd & Martinelli Special

120 minsFirst aired 12 Feb 2019
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Watch out nerds! Kirk Degiorgio gives it up for influential producer duo Todd & Martinelli: finest ’80s soul and Philly Classics galore.

Kirk Degiorgio is once again back on his Philly tip. For this episode of Sound Obsession, Kirk revisits the rich discography of production duo Todd & Martinelli. The ’80s disco and proto-house tag team have had their names on classic platters by Evelyne Champagne King, Labelle and Prince-collaborator Nona Hendryx, Loose Ends and many more. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, David Todd has tackled the music business from all sides, first behind the counter of a New York record store in 1970, then behind the decks at many famed ’70s and ’80s venues, and eventually as the first working DJ with an A&R post at RCA. Relocating back to Philly in the early ’80s, Todd took a job at local club The Catacombs, where he partnered up with another DJ-turned-A&R: Nick Martinelli. Martinelli had already cut his teeth as a diligent DJ and promoter for Motown Records, when the WMOT label signed him as A&R in 1978. Taking their cues from Philly legend Dexter Wansel, Todd & Martinelli took their musical and behind-the-scenes knowledge to the studio, remixing and producing a wide array of US and UK heavy-hitters, and leaving indelible marks on the disco and subsequent house sound as it conquered the world.

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