Sound Obsession

Psychedelic Soul Special Pt. 1

120 minsFirst aired 23 Feb 2019
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Kirk Degiorgio’s monthly kool-aid acid test explores the trippy aesthetics even further. Here’s part one of his psychedelic soul special.

In the late 1960s, at the height of the hippie era and just about when rock, soul and proto-funk started talking pretty to each other, psychedelic soul emerged as a decidedly adventurous sub-branch of Motown-minded music. By the time, psychedelia as a cultural phenomenon had already influenced all aspects of Western counter culture, from new journalism and post-beat poetry, to the movies of Roger Corman and Peter Fonda, and, of course, the trippy sonics of Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison and their contemporaries. In this episode of Sound Obsession, Kirk explores the interface of late ’60s and ’70s soul and the psychedelic aesthetics with regards to its influences on early funk and disco and how acts such as Leon’s Creation, Eugene McDaniels, and Rotary Connection carved out a niche that inspired well-established performers from Marvin and Stevie, to The Supremes and 5th Dimension.

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