Sound Obsession

West Coast Disco & Boogie

120 minsFirst aired 16 Mar 2016
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Sound Obsession goes west: two hours of Cali disco and funk-infused soul jams, from El Coco to Sylvester and Skye to Rene & Angela.

Although disco is a sound that once populated dancefloors around the globe, the music is often seen as something that solely emanated from the East Coast, with urban centers like New York and Philadelphia turning out the bulk of the tunes. In truth, there’s no denying that those cities were the most prominent disco powerhouses, the West Coast, particularly Los Angeles, was also responsible for a lot of high-quality music, and the region’s importance only grew as disco increasingly gave way the funk-infused sounds of boogie in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Here, Kirk Degiorgio has once again poured through his vinyl archive and piloted an extended journey through the soulful disco sounds of the left coast.

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