Stephen O’Malley presents Acid Quarry Paris

Deepsummer Soulfreeze

120 minsFirst aired 20 Aug 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Ola Savchuk

A cold breeze of black metal darkness against the heatwave: SOMA cools our souls with Black Candles, Mortuus, Chaos Echoes and more.

In case you were locked in a dark room and haven’t noticed: It’s been hot lately, excruciatingly so. Fresh from a trip through monsoon-like New York, hellish LA and boiling Chicago, SOMA returned to Europe, only to find Paris to be exactly the same. Instead of cutting his hair off, he retreats to the most effective, mind- and soul-cooling method known to man: Unholy black metal. Expect no less than two hours of firsthand anecdotes and blast beats from all eras, featuring Black Candles, Mortuus, Chaos Echoes, Black Mecha and more.


Hosted by Stephen O’Malley
Engineered by Franck Haderer
Produced by Stephen O’Malley and Julian Brimmers

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