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Visual artist and label manager Ashes57 teases the new Teklife compilation and tells her story to DJ Taye, who also delivers a dynamite mix.

New year, new Teklife: DJ Taye, the Chicago footwork crew’s self-proclaimed youngest member, takes over hosting duties in 2018. With a seamlessly erudite mixing style, he brings the energy of the step-off to his tracks, which pulsate with classic samples looped and chopped around mesmeric rhythms. For his forthcoming debut LP Still Trippin’, DJ Taye recruits guest vocalists like the Cool Kids’ Chuck English, New Jersey club kween UNIIQU3 and She Shreds founder Fabi Reyna. On this month’s episode, he turns the mic on label cofounder, designer and photographer Delphine Ettinger, AKA Ashes57. She gives a career-spanning interview, from her origins as a graffiti artist growing up in France to how she began directing videos for DJ Rashad, and sheds some light on the Teklife compilation coming out later this month. Keep it locked for exclusive listens off of that album and a brand-new mix from DJ Taye himself.


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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