The Spacebomb Sound with Matthew E. White

Free Jazz Odyssey with Mark Dresser

120 minsFirst aired 10 May 2016
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Straight from Richmond, VA: Matthew E. White and the Spacebomb crew revisit the freewheeling jazz adventurers with bass icon Mark Dresser.

As expertly proven by cosmic legends Marshall Allen, Pharoah Sanders and genre renovator Kamasi Washington past Sunday during RBMA Festival New York, the shape of jazz to come is constantly being redefined. In honor of the most freewheeling and spiritual forms of jazz, Matthew E. White and the Spacebomb collective dig deep in their record collection, unearthing gems by Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Charlie Haden and more. Also, stay tuned for an in-depth conversation between Spacebomb’s own Cameron Ralston and double bass virtuoso and music educator Mark Dresser, best known for his work with Anthony Braxton and John Zorn. Space(bomb) is the place.

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