The Vortex

Country Music from Far Afield

120 minsRecorded 11 Jan 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

Jesse and Charlie Rudoy investigate roots crooners from Africa, the Middle East and beyond – plus, the KLF and music about memes.

Over the last year, NYC-based DJ/producer Jesse Rudoy (Lets Play House) and his brother Charlie (of the band Carroll) have been researching country music artists from some unlikely places, including Swaziland, St. Lucia, Iran and Jamaica. Themselves removed from the genre, they’ve been inspired by the journey of these self-taught musicians creating scenes in their homelands from absolute scratch. Hear music and soundbites from a selection of people the Rudoys have encountered. Also on the show: Vivian Host plays songs that inspired memes or are inspired by memes and muses on the just-announced comeback of The KLF.

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