This Side of Nowhere with Veronica Vasicka

Belgian Synth Pop

120 minsFirst aired 18 Mar 2019
Courtesy of Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka delves into one of her favorite areas of music, and discovers songs from Pas De Deux, Linear Movement and Antena.

For this month’s show, Veronica dives into one of her favourite areas of music, Belgian minimal synth pop of the 1980s. There’s so much music that came out of Belgium at that time, it was a really exciting time for the underground tape communities and independent labels back then. Belgium’s ‘80s synth music is a style that’s close to Veronica’s heart, and she keeps coming back to it. We start out with a live recording from Sic, with their track Radio Stations, and continue down the rabbit hole, finding cult tracks from Linear Movement, The Neon Judgement, Snowy Red, Pas De Deux, and Insane Music groups Subject and Human Flesh.

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