This Side of Nowhere with Veronica Vasicka

Mute Records Special

120 minsFirst aired 14 Aug 2018

A celebration of 40 years of the pioneering record label Mute, featuring Depeche Mode, DAF and Fad Gadget.

Making the 40th anniversary of seminal British label Mute records, Veronica Vasicka focuses on the early years of the label, from its inception in 1978 by founder Daniel Miller with his first single as The Normal, through to the 1990s. This was a very exciting time for electronic music, with many technological advancements and changes in the record business in general. The influence that Mute had, beyond being a record label, is vital to the rise of electronic music as a whole. Veronica shares some of her best-loved tracks from this era of Mute Records, including Fad Gadget, Robert Rental, Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb and many more.

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