Top Flight with Chal Ravens

Angel-Ho and Murlo

120 minsFirst aired 5 Mar 2019
Artwork by Braulio Amado

Angel-Ho debuts her neo-pop switch-up while Manchester’s Murlo explores technicolor worlds.

Every week on Top Flight, journalist Chal Ravens sources the best new bass, breaks and riddims from around the world. This week, both her guests represent the color-saturated, pop-leaning end of the club spectrum, but in very different ways. First, Cape Town’s Angel-Ho introduces her debut album of neo-pop — the NON Worldwide cofounder places her vocals upfront and collaborates with producers like Gaika and Asmara. Next, and on the other side of the world, Manchester producer and illustrator Murlo outlines his own debut LP, a multimedia extravaganza that pairs hyper-melodic, videogame-inspired music with a graphic novel. On top of that, Chal has the week’s essential new releases including tracks from Tzusing, Logos and Le Dom.


Hosted by Chal Ravens
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones
Produced by Donelle Kosch

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