Top Flight with Chal Ravens

Drum & Grace with DJ Haram

120 minsFirst aired 11 Jun 2019
Artwork by Braulio Amado

Talking mythology, noise and Middle Eastern drums with DJ Haram.

Every week on Top Flight, journalist Chal Ravens sources the best new bass, breaks and riddims from around the world. On this episode, she’s joined by Philadelphia’s DJ Haram, an artist, event organizer and zine creator whose exhilarating sets combine US dance styles – including Jersey club from her home state – with pop, rap and Middle Eastern rhythms that reflect her heritage. As she prepares to make her debut on Hyperdub with the mythology-inspired Grace EP, she talks to Chal about shifting into the role of producer, working with Moor Mother on their noise-rap project 700 Bliss and the traditional grooves that form the backbone of her own sound. On top of that, Chal has all the week’s best new releases from the outer edges of the dancefloor, including tracks from vogue DJ Joey LaBeija and long-lost UK bass producer Becoming Real, plus a premiere from De Grandi of Paris’s Paradoxe Club.


Hosted by Chal Ravens
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones
Produced by Donelle Kosch

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