Top Flight with Chal Ravens


120 minsFirst aired 22 May 2018Next Top Flight with Chal Ravens Tue at 2:00pm EDT
Artwork by Braulio Amado

Detroit legends DJ Godfather, Mr. De’ and Aux 88’s Keith Tucker explore the rude and crude world of ghettotech.

With Red Bull Radio heading to Detroit this week to celebrate the city’s musical legacy ahead of the annual Movement festival, Top Flight turns its gaze on the ruder, cruder side of Motor City’s musical legacy. Back in the 90s, the dextrous hands of DJ Godfather were busy splicing sped-up hip-hop, electro, house and Miami bass tracks at breakneck speeds, inspired by the turntable skills of Jeff “The Wizard” Mills. Selling mixtapes in the thousands, they soon started releasing music of their own to fit the style, and the booty-fixated sound that resulted was eventually dubbed ghettotech (as encapsulated by DJ Assault’s evergreen anthem “Ass N Titties”). On this episode, journalist Chal Ravens is joined by bona fide Detroit legends DJ Godfather, Mr. De’ and Aux 88’s Keith Tucker to talk about the complex musical ecosystem that brought ghettotech into being, while Manchester DJ and producer Finn is on hand to explain ghettotech’s ongoing legacy abroad. Chal will also be digging out a selection of bass-heavy music from Detroit’s new generation and playing the latest essential tracks from the world beyond 4/4.


Hosted by Chal Ravens
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones
Produced by Donelle Kosch

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