Top Flight with Chal Ravens

Club Dysorder with Jasmine Infiniti

120 minsFirst aired 28 May 2019
Artwork by Braulio Amado

NYC DJ Jasmine Infiniti sets out her vision for New World Dysorder with an intense Top Flight guest mix.

Every week on Top Flight, journalist Chal Ravens selects the best new club releases and traces new innovations from the global bass underground. On this episode she’s joined by New York City DJ Jasmine Infiniti, head of the queer-focused label, clubnight and artist collective New World Dysorder. Following her debut EP SiS, on Oakland’s Club Chai label last year, Jasmine Infiniti talks to Chal about coming up in New York City’s ballroom scene and how she developed her own unique DJ style, drawing on heavier techno and industrial sounds. She also considers how living as a black trans woman has shaped her relationship with music and considers the friction between media portrayals of queer life and her own experiences of violence and harassment. Finally, Jasmine Infiniti steps up for a Top Flight guest mix featuring some of the darkest, most intense tracks in her arsenal. On top of that, Chal has the week’s most exciting new releases, including club experimentation from Manchester’s Daniel Ruane, Berlin visionary Ziúr and Hyperdub’s latest catch, DJ Haram.


Hosted by Chal Ravens
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones
Produced by Donelle Kosch

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