Top Flight with Chal Ravens

Siete Catorce and the Sounds of Northern Mexico

120 minsFirst aired 29 Jan 2019
Artwork by Braulio Amado

Club creative Siete Catorce explores cumbia, ruidosón and the new rhythms of northeast Mexico.

Every week on Top Flight, journalist Chal Ravens takes the pulse of the global club scene to find the most exciting new sounds, from dubstep and grime to footwork, gqom and reggaeton, and all the mutations in between. This week Chal meets Mexico’s Siete Catorce, the producer behind one of Top Flight’s favorite EPs of 2018. Fusing traditional Mexican rhythms and instruments with cutting-edge club production, Marco Polo Gutierrez has carved out his own distinct style on releases for N.A.A.F.I., Enchufada and Nostro Hood System. He talks with Chal about life in the border city of Mexicali, and through a very special Top Flight guest mix he guides us through a decade of electronic music from northern Mexico, including the gothic twist on cumbia known as ruidosón. On top of that, Chal selects the week’s essential new club tracks, including Slikback, Scratcha DVA and the Sahel Sounds label.


Hosted by Chal Ravens
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones
Produced by Donelle Kosch

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