Train Wreck Mix


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A journey across the psychedelic dancefloor: London-based Marseillais producer Abstraxion delivers a seamless mix through the 4×4 spectrum.

London-based Marseillais producer Abstraxion has been operating on the more psychedelic fringes of techno and electronic music since his first releases on his own Biologic Records label back in 2005. A committed home studio warrior even as a child, it was his two EPs Jus Acid and Moribayassa on Different records that caught the imagination of discerning discotheques around the world. His organic approach and work flow has seen him jump in studios across Europe, in particular his own analogue lab in Marseille. His album Break Of Lights on Have A Killer Time demonstrated the kind of intuitive grasp of drum machines and synths that belies its stripped down rhythms and cathartic swells. A natural collaborator, Abstraxion doesn’t even need to have met his music partners before – and in the case of his Origami EP with Kasper Bjørke, it sometimes even helps to coax out some unfamiliar musical elements.

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