Train Wreck Mix

Echologist: Burning Chrome Mix

60 minsFirst aired 15 Oct 2016This episode is unavailable. Why?
Courtesy of Tailored Communication

Techno stalwart Brendon Moeller AKA Echologist dives deep into his dark and atmospheric ambient universe for this exclusive mix.

South African-born and New York-based Brendon Moeller has been working within the darker strains of techno music under a variety of monikers since the early ’90s. As Echologist, his work began in 2005 with labels such as Tokyo’s Mule Musiq and New York’s Nite Grooves, and has grown to a back catalog of productions in the dozens since, including 2016’s The Flame EP for Kynant. The late 2000s saw the emergence of his own Steadfast label, and a diversification of his sonic influences: dub strained through ambient grooves, the bleaker techno signals teased out with seamless blends and a focus on deep atmospherics.

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