Train Wreck Mix

Fango: You Got Power Mix

53 minsFirst aired 23 Feb 2017
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Italian producer Fango delivers an inspired mix of dusty uptempo edits, acid disco, and dancefloor jams.

With the Viscera EP series on his own Degustibus Music label, Italian producer and DJ Fango’s percussion-focused style of minimalist techno detailed a sonic journey through the human body – apt, then, for how his beats have been commanding dancefloors across Europe since he began releasing as Fango in 2013. With this sound, he’s found a champion in techno stalwart Michael Mayer – Mayer described Fango as “the hottest thing in the 4/4 business right now” no less – who distributes Degustibus Music through Kompakt. Fango’s 2015 album Tuono, which translates from the Italian as “thunder,” explores a tactile, cinematic style of drum-laden, sample-led deep house. “I’ve always been fascinated by the power of [thunder and] lightning,” says Fango, “and I tried to recreate its hypnotic atmosphere in the music as well as its energy, which is able to rip off the sky and stop time.” With high drama as the source material, Fango’s sound works to calmly but decisively take over the senses.

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