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Jenny Hval: Inspirations Mixtape

33 minsFirst aired 31 Oct 2016This episode is unavailable. Why?
Jenny Berger Myhre

Oslo’s evocative conceptualist plays with your mind and your body parts. Hear the tracks which fuel her creativity in this inspirational mix.

Growing up in what she calls the “Norwegian Bible Belt,” absorbing what she can grasp of the wider world from her teenage years spent on the Internet, Jenny Hval has long been a dreamer of new possibilities. With five solo and collaborative albums to date (after playing in bands in her youth), the most recent of which being 2015’s critically lauded Apocalypse, Girl, Hval has used her music in order to grow up in public through sound. Her sense of self – as a woman, an artist, a fragile yet powerful human being living on a fragile yet powerful Earth – is a theme which envelops her music, and has seen her gain international acclaim for her lyricism, sonic experimentalism and singular stage presence. Jenny Hval candidly discusses a wide range of topics: from the very beginnings of her musical career, moving to Australia and forming her first bands, to more overarching themes which concern her and her art: terror in a time of mass uncertainty, sex and gender, capitalism and what’s expected of a “soft” woman in a hard world. With an openness and sincerity that is often rare to hear, Jenny Hval explores what it means to be her.

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