Train Wreck Mix

Mano Le Tough

60 minsRecorded 17 Jun 2010This episode is unavailable. Why?

Repatriated Irishman and Berlin resident Mano Le Tough with a twisted, jacking selection. Tough love!

Mano Le Tough, born Niall Mannion, was raised in Greystones, an Irish seaside village outside of Dublin, but it was in Berlin that he found his musical footing, cobbling together tunes at home while sharpening his DJ craft multiple nights a week. In 2009, Mannion’s debut 12” Warhorn was issued via Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal label, and was followed in subsequent years by thoughtfully melodic efforts for Mirau, Dirt Crew, and Buzzin’ Fly. While Mannion’s DJ stylings have always been rather diverse, his production work has settled into a zone that largely sits somewhere between house and disco, with elements of techno, new wave and ambient thrown in for good measure. Increasingly, Mannion’s own voice has also entered the fray, appearing on a few of those early EPs before taking more of a starring role on his 2013 debut LP In My Arms. Since then, his vocal-led efforts have become something of a signature, but Mannion still pays plenty of attention to the dancefloor, as proved by his anthemic 2014 single Tempus. That record dropped via Maeve, a label Mannion has been operating for several years alongside close friends The Drifter and Baikal. The Maeve catalogue is aimed squarely at the club, which makes sense given that Mano Le Tough has become an absolute fixture on the international DJ circuit, rivaling the DJs from the Innervisions camp – to which he’s often linked – in terms of the sheer number of gigs on his calendar. Nevertheless, despite all of his time on the road, Mannion found the time to complete his sophomore album, Trails, for Permanent Vacation.