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Nightingale Tokyo: The Sound Of Nightingale

59 minsThis episode is unavailable. Why?

Tune in to a selection of experimental sounds curated by Tokyo’s finest noise bar Nightingale: from Ryoji Ikeda to Merzbow and beyond.

Deep in Shinjuku’s Golden Gai district nestles the dazzling and futuristic-looking bar hosted by Masaru Hatanaka. Amidst the neon flowers, strange anime, and rare toys, the bar is a haven for experimental music of all eras, and the superb McIntosh and JBL combo sound system allows complete immersion in the evening’s soundtrack. With an emphasis on deep ambient music and noise, Nightingale creates a hypnotic and meditative atmosphere, where you stand every chance of enjoying your shōchū alongside the cream of artistic circles, like artist Ryoji Ikeda, cosmic noise troubadour Keiji Haino and other Japanese and international luminaries.

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