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Sote: Dark Stones Come To Be Halcyon

70 minsFirst aired 27 Jul 2016This episode is unavailable. Why?

The Tehran-based electronic composer and sound artist takes a carefully selected trip into electro-acoustic noise deconstruction.

For Ata Ebtekar aka Sote crafting otherworldly sensations is at the core of all musical creation. Born in Hamburg, based in Tehran, the world-travelling sound artist has set the bar high for himself when he appeared on the experimental scene with his ‘92 debut Electric Deaf on Warp. Subsequently, Sote has explored the interface of classical Persian instrumentation and electronics, working with Alireza Mashayekhi’s Iranian Orchestra for New Music as well as curating a retrospective of Persian electronic music. Throughout the years, he has found a unique musical language that allows his pieces to defy the laws of conventional composition and conjure up sonic textures that reference nothing but their creator’s imagination. Using the full spectrum of electro-acoustic techniques, microtonal systems and polyrhythmic motifs, Sote offers alternatives in which the perceivable world that informs his modular synthesis gets deconstructed, re-contextualized and eventually transcended.

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