Train Wreck Mix


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London producer and low-end provocateur Spatial weaves together a mix of dubbed-out techno and rave experiments.

First emerging in 2008 as part of the UK’s nebulous post-dubstep brew, Spatial has a long history of making music that’s difficult to classify. While the term “bass music” has become something of a meaningless catch-all over the years, when applied to Spatial, it actually makes a whole lot of sense, as the British beatmaker has always been preoccupied with low-end experimentation. Subverting established genre formulas and standard drum patterns, his dancefloor experiments pull from dubstep, garage, techno and vintage rave, ultimately sounding like none of them. The most adventurous Spatial creations have always surfaced via his own Infrasonics label, including the four-part 10” series that kicked off his career in 2008, and Emergence, his more recent triptych of nuanced EPs. Subtle dynamics may be Spatial’s calling card, but he’s also capable of crafting tunes for the dancefloor, as he’s previously dropped club-ready offerings via labels like Ultramajic, Well Rounded, WNCL and Niche N Bump, amongst others. Where Spatial is headed next is anyone’s guess, but given the quality of his past output, it’s a safe bet that his future destinations will likely be just as intriguing.

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