Transmissions with King Britt

Transmission #32: A Touch of Synth

60 minsFirst aired 25 Dec 2018
King Britt

Bask in the world-building potential of machine-made sounds, from Ethiopian jazz melodies to over-the-top prog-rock solos.

King Britt’s music celebrates the unique plasticity of the synthesizer. Whether he’s crafting afrofuturistic soundscapes under his solo alias Fhloston Paradigm, collaborating with artists like Saul Williams and Meredith Monk, or transporting listeners with his collagist radio shows, King Britt uses the synthesizer’s near-limitless potential to mimic sounds we hear in the world around us and invent ones we’ve never heard before. For the final episode of Transmissions with King Britt for Red Bull Radio, the Philadelphia musician has put together a selection of some of his favorite synth music of all time, with a special focus on songs from his ’80s youth. Still, this mix runs the gamut of eras and styles, from ‘70s funk basslines to the melismatic melodies of Ethiopian jazz, and includes virtuosic synth solos that would make a prog guitarist blush. There’s an open-road rocker by Genesis and a smoky Rihanna interlude, but in King Britt’s hands, it’s all part of the same celebration.


Produced by King Britt and Emilie Friedlander

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