Transmissions with King Britt

Transmission #19: Spaces Between Places

60 minsFirst aired 28 Nov 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Colleen and James Holden: Lovelorn music for the moments in-between arrival and destination, as divined by King Britt.

Life feels different at 35,000 feet above the ground. You’re hurtling toward your destination but also stuck in limbo. The anxious energy of anticipating your arrival is counterbalanced by demands to remain seated and strapped in at all times. And when you’re uncertain what’s next in life, or in love, this feeling comes back like déjà vu. Philly’s sonic conjurer captures this physical and emotional space in his latest Transmission, lacing together love songs from Björk and Thomas Dolby with atmospheric beats and his field recordings. The result is at once disorienting, weightless and heavy with possibilities.


Produced by King Britt and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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