Transmissions with King Britt

Transmission #20: Memories Fade

60 minsFirst aired 26 Dec 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

Plucking prize tunes from past shows, King Britt preserves music from Laurel Halo, Tyler the Creator, and Bibio for the future.

There is no way to sip politely from the firehose of information that is life in 2017 — it comes gushing at us from every angle, every screen, without a moment to digest. “As we are bombarded with so much information, our memories become just short bursts instead of longer lasting,” muses King Britt, while thinking back on the year. Philly’s sound scientist reflects on the year’s Transmissions, retrieving his favorite songs from the likes of Konono No. 1 and Four Tet, alongside lesser-known talents like NannaB and Tim Motzer, so that they don’t fade into the background of 2017.


Produced by King Britt and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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