Transmissions with King Britt

Transmission #28: Soundtrack to a Dream

60 minsFirst aired 28 Aug 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
King Britt

A mix of King Britt’s favorite tracks to space out to while traveling on trains and buses.

For lovers of textured ambience, it can be hard to beat the feeling of sitting on a train on a sunny afternoon, staring out the window and letting the music in your headphones soundtrack the buildings and trees flying past. If you’re feeling particularly relaxed, you just might fall into that strange liminal space between sleep and wakefulness, where passing thoughts and emotions start to bleed together with the sounds you’re hearing, and a sudden change in tempo gently jolts you back to earth. This month’s transmission from King Britt brings together some of the Philadelphia master’s favorite tracks to daydream to while traveling to New York City, from moody classics by This Mortal Coil and Brian Eno to the dimensional sound experiments of contemporaries like Tim Hecker, Actress and Jenny Hval. Tune in for a slowly unfolding journey through the nether regions of the mind at rest — and for some exclusive material from New York composer Nicolas Jaar, Lumin side project Puerto Rican Space Program, and King’s own Fhloston Paradigm project.


Produced by King Britt, Matthew Ismael Ruiz, and Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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