True Laurels

Darius Moreno

120 minsFirst aired 18 Mar 2019
Brendon Hawkins

The Goldlink collaborator, and DMV-born visual artist stops by to chat about his process, influences and more.

You might have seen Darius Moreno’s work on the various online channels, or you might recognize his art as the visual component to Goldlink’s 2017 album At What Cost. And if you have not seen his work, his striking and colorful paintings will surely catch your eye. Currently based in New York, Moreno grew up in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, and knew he wanted to be a painter from age four. His portraits and depictions of POC and black culture showcase clear and intentional brushstrokes — he makes his subjects shine via color, attitude and texture. We’ve invited Moreno to come by the studio for a live interview with host Lawrence Burney — tune in!


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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