True Laurels

Alphonse Pierre

60 minsFirst aired 12 Sep 2018Next True Laurels Mon at 4:00pm EDT
Courtesy of Alphonse Pierre

Lawrence Burney welcomes the Pitchfork staff writer to talk new music, white rapper beef, and the site’s new hip-hop section, Levels.

Staten Island’s Alphonse Pierre is one of the more gifted young writers covering hip-hop today; As a staff writer at Pitchfork, he writes about hip-hop culture for the site’s new Levels section, providing valuable perspective at one of the largest and most influential websites covering music and culture today. This week on True Laurels, host Lawrence Burney welcomes Pierre to the studio to discuss their favorite rap music of the moment, the current state of the game, and Pierre’s Pitchfork column The Ones, where he highlights five new tracks each and every weekday.


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